Hello there!
Welcome to the english section of my site. This part of my page is for you people visiting from outerspace, abroad, and/or speak no Norwegian (as I do). I'll try to make myself understood. But, dear visiting person, if you don´t get anything out of this, please send me an email ( staale @ staalegerhardsen dot com ) and we can chat about whatever you want, like we where the bestes of friends.

Yup. Let´s do this.

My name is Ståle Gerhardsen. I was born (and kind of raised) in Trondheim, Norway in 1980. I have two awesome kids and an awesome wife. I live in a red house with a white picket fence (no joke). I paint, draw, print, write, build, make, design and spray for a living. I've worked in the design and advertising industry. I've worked as an Art Director, Designer, Illustrator and Teacher. Now I make a living as an artist.

I focus on my own projects, but once in a while I do work with clients as well. I do loads of different things. My rule is: If it's fun, I'll do it! To make this a fun read, and not a freaking novel I'll just throw some bulletpoints at you so you can get a taste of what I've been up to:

• In 2016 I released my first book "Pappaperm" on my own publishing agency "Takk Forlaget".  (This book kind of vent viral... / all over / the world)
• In 2017 I released my second book "Hva som helst?" on the same publishing agency.
I paint walls. / Murals. / On houses. Do you have a house? Let me paint it. 
I've designed clothes
• In 2010 I had a huge exhibition at Trondheim Kunstmuseum in collaboration with Tate Modern.
• In February 2017 I had two separate solo exhibitions. One at Galleri Krane in Tromsø and one at Galleri Barbara in Sunndal.
• In July 2017 I had a solo exhibition in Røros, Norway. It sold out in less than a week.
• January 2016 I had a sales record braking solo exhibition at Galleri SG in Trondheim.
• I was the chairman of the board at a Norwegian design festival for 5 years.
• I I I me me me. blablabla... If you want to know more, send me an email or hit me up on Facebook or Google me, or call my mother.

Want to see some of my work? Scrool through my page and/or visit my shop

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