Hello there!
Welcome to the english section of my site. This part of my page is for you people visiting from outerspace, abroad, and/or speak no Norwegian (as I do). I'll try to make myself understood. But, dear visiting person, if you don´t get anything out of this, please send me an email ( staale @ staalegerhardsen dot com ) and we can chat about whatever you want, like we where the bestes of friends.

Yup. Let´s do this.

My name is Ståle Gerhardsen. I was born (and kind of raised) in Trondheim, Norway in 1980. I have two awesome kids and an awesome wife. I live in a red house with a white picket fence (no joke). I paint, draw, print, write, build, make, design and spray for a living. I've worked in the design and advertising industry. I've worked as an Art Director, Designer, Illustrator and Teacher. Now I make a living as an artist.

I focus on my own projects, but once in a while I do work with clients as well. I do loads of different things. My rule is: If it's fun, I'll do it!
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